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Design Consultation

Your project needs a realistic design, detailed plans, and a scope of work that itemizes the tasks that need to be performed.

I will meet you at your home and we will begin by assessing the space together, taking into consideration:

  • Your lifestyle and how you use your living space

  • Areas that are troublesome and problems you’re experiencing

  • Rooms and spaces you'd like to improve, remodel, renovate, expand, or add

  • Conceptual possibilities and practicalities

  • How to achieve balance and composition, and add visual interest

  • Collaborations with builders, engineers and/or interior designers

  • Building codes, permitting, setbacks, insulation, engineering issues

  • Your budget, time constraints, and flexibility

  • Your overall ideas about the project, and whether they are practical and structurally feasible

Using this information, we will take a practical approach to finding solutions that will make your home more comfortable, functional and beautiful.

A Few Things for You to Know

Cost:  There is no contract required for the initial consultation.

Time:  This consultation will probably take from 1½ to 2 hours.

Discussion:  We will likely discuss all of the above, and more. I will ask a lot of questions and want you to ask me a lot of questions.

Conclusion:  At the end of our consultation, I will give you some information about my rates, how I work, what I can and can’t provide, and what you can expect from me.

Proposal:  You will receive a proposal that summarizes our meeting, the topics we discussed, and what you see as the priority (the design focus). Once we are in complete agreement about all the issues and you have signed the proposal, we will begin our work together!

*Do-it-yourselfers: you may hire me on an as needed basis to provide one or two hours of consultation for your project. I will gladly provide advice and confirmation on your direction and approach.