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 As an architectural home designer, I get to be in your space and think about how it flows.  I explore ideas on where it can be improved. I consider your wishlist while presenting you with new ideas.  I answer your questions and discuss options with you. I get to be part of your project, see it through to the end, and make sure you’re happy with it.  

This is why I love my job!


  • My goal, first and foremost, is to really hear you and what you are trying to accomplish.  

  • My goal is to keep your design in a healthy relationship to your budget. This is hard to do sometimes, but I try to let you know when something is going to cost more than you thought.

  • My goal is to stay in communication with you. Yes, there may be times when a few weeks will go by and you’ll say to yourself, “we haven’t heard from Sue.”  Even if I don’t have enough work done to meet with you, I’ll still drop you a line to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. I never want you to feel that you have to chase me down.

  • My goal is to educate you along the way - you are going to be so much more knowledgeable after all this!

  • My goal is to be a team player. Truly. Being part of a strong team in any facet of life has been the most rewarding experience for me, and the same applies to my work. It takes a village to create and implement your project. I’m always amazed by how a builder can take pieces of paper showing lines and windows and dimensions and turn them into reality. We all have our strengths in this process, and hats off to all the trades and subcontractors who we rely on to move these projects along.   

  • My goal is to be available for you.  I will always try to make room in my calendar for you when you call during the construction phase and need me to come help you figure out the height of that towel bar. I take these things very seriously!

  • My goal is to help you get through the rough spots … and there will be rough spots along the way. Even with my awesome plans, there will be a hiccup, and that hiccup might cost money. We’ll get through it.  We’ll figure it out.

  • My goal is to stay a consistent tried and true architectural designer. I’m happy to help you incorporate the contemporary and the fun; but at the end of the day, I’m a traditionalist. Tradition works and always looks beautiful.

  • My goal is to see you on the street 5 years later and share a warm handshake and a genuine smile. It will make my day. And I hope you call me for that next project.

  • My goal is to never let you down. I will always strive for the best possible solution in any situation.  I will always be there for you.