Every project is different and the detail I am asked to provide can vary wildly. Most often, I’m asked to provide turn-key documentation, which is all the design and construction documents from demolition phase to paint color (see Process). Armed with all necessary drawings and paperwork, you call the builder and present them to him/her for an estimate. If approved, you’ll enter into a construction agreement and move forward with your project. I may or may not continue to be involved depending on your needs and preferences, but I am available to create any additional or necessary plans required, and am happy to help you in any way I can as you progress your project.

For most renovation projects, you can expect to receive the following deliverables:

  • Existing conditions or As Builts

  • Demolition Plans

  • Building plans/footprint

  • Electrical plans

  • Exterior elevations

  • Interior elevations

  • Window schedule

  • Door schedule

  • Construction notes - this contains all the notes about the materials, finishes, paints, appliances, stairs treads, flooring, tile etc.  

    This is a very important document!

The documents listed above are the standard construction documents I provide, but any one of these can be requested and prepared on its own. Maybe you’ve been playing with the idea of a new screened porch, and you want a few drawings showing the possibilities but without any demolition or electrical plans. Or, maybe you’ve been thinking of adding an arched window in the dining room, and you need a few interior and exterior elevations drawn depicting this window. I can prepare these for you and am happy to advise you along the way!